My name is Nikolay Gnidets. I am a member of the Union of Czech photographers and the Club of foreign photographers in Prague. And I eagerly invite you to accompany me in the search of new images and emotions you will never forget.

What can I offer you?

If you want to create a new image or imagine yourself to be a well-known historical, cinematic or artistic character, then we are what you need (me and our makeup artist) to help you make this dream come true.

We will create your personal original portfolio, which can either be given as a present to your beloved one or can be used for your professional activity or simply can be displayed in the internet and shown to your friends.

I will help you retain the memories of the most beautiful moments of your life: romantic walks, the wedding, taking the mother with a newborn baby from the hospital, the first baby steps, travel, etc. Admiring the photos, you’ll relive the joy you have once had.